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So we are starting on the path of researching an investment/income property in Destin FL. We will certainly need to find a diamond in the rough as that’s our budget, and our desire to make something our own. But first….Key Lime Pie for breakfast!

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Guest Blogger: One of my clients, 5 things she’s learned about selling her 1st home.

It’s never fun to be honest with your clients, but we all must admit, seeking an honest realtor is why most of my friends hire me: TRUTH!  But with that honesty comes… the discomfort of telling your friend she’s gotta hide her toothbrush at all costs!

Anyway, one of my clients posted on her blog what it’s like to sell your house.  Her house is not your typical 3 bed, 2 bath home with hardwood floors and a two car garage.  It’s more like a 1 1/2 bedroom, with one bath and a detached 1 car garage.  Make no mistake, it’s a cute house, perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette or even investment property.  So, as you can imagine, it’s not flying off the market like other homes this past season.

(If you haven’t heard, the market it slowing down a bit for sellers…. this is a good thing for buyers.  Homes that stay on the market for a bit longer than 30 seconds gives good buyers a chance to view them, not panic/overpay = more balanced market.)

BUT I love her authentic approach and wit regarding the minefield that can be: listing your home, especially for the first time.  She’s doing great!  Very lovely client doing everything I ask of her, just waiting for the right buyer at the right time.

Soooo my client has a background in theater and speech…. she has a bit of a  flair for the dramatic.  Plus she’s used to having her knick, knack paddy whack stuff around her…. books, movies, and EXTRA AMOUNTS of fun clothes.  All these things had to go bye-bye for superior home staging, causing a bit of remorse and sense of loss for the things that make her house her home.

Here’s Ann’s blog post…. check it out!

And if you want to view the house, call me!

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Here I go

Starting out a blog about real estate.  My adventures, my listings, my suggestions, remodeling, design, staging, industry facts, figures and stats.  Stay tuned!  Check out link below about what you get when you list with Iowa Realty:

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